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    Cricket Strokes Official Rules for OC


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    Cricket Strokes Official Rules for OC

    Post by Turn on Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:33 pm

    The Official Rules of Online Cricket

    1. The overs and wickets for the match has to be decided by the host.

    2. The batsmen has bat in threads only.

    3. Bowlers has to bowl in host's (umpire) inbox only.

    4. The host or the umpire has to reveal all the numbers sent by the bowler in the thread after batsmen bats.

    5. The host has to make the scorecard for the match or he may suggest someone to assist him in the scorecard.

    6. Slow Over Rate may be appealed to bowlers as well as batsmen and has to pay a penalty of 5 runs for his team.

    7. In case of any issues, umpire may solve problems regarding the issues.

    8. No argues with the umpire and umpire's decision is final

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